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Here are the next steps...

First, we here at Cornerstone Solution want to 

THANK YOU for allowing us to compete for your business. 

We know investing in home improvements is an important 

and sometimes an overwhelming process and decision. 

We'd like to make the process as stress free as possible! 

Review your estimate.

If you have any questions about the estimate that we have provided PLEASE ASK! We are here to help you understand our process and products in any way that you need. If you would like us to elaborate on any detail of your estimate just let us know! Simply click HERE and ask away!

Choose the paver that's right for you.

If your project includes a new installation you will need to select a paver style and color. At the bottom of this page we outline the selection of paver styles and the color choices for each that paver choice that are INCLUDED in the cost we provided on your estimate. In addition you will find a link to an online catalog that will show you all the choices available along with some inspiration images. If you are interested in a paver from the catalog that is not listed below simply let us know and we will adjust your estimate to reflect your choice so that you can compare your options. 

Compare estimates.

We encourage all of our prospective clients to get two to three estimates for their projects. Every home-owner should make an informed decision and a big part of that is the ability to compare companies. Let us know how we compare with other bids for your project. If there are discrepancies we will be happy to address them. 

Ask Questions!

We strive not only for transparency in our process, but we aim to be helpful throughout the entire process. Not sure what to expect? Just ask us!

Let's Do This!

It is our hope that we have earned your business and that you are ready to move forward with your project. If for some reason you aren't ready just let us know. If you have made your decision and you are ready to move forward, simply let us know and we will schedule a contract signing. Our sales manager will bring you the contract and walk you through it, at that time you will discuss any further details of your project. At the contract signing we will collect your deposit. The next step is to order the materials for your project. After we have ordered your materials and we have received an estimate delivery date from the manufacturer we will let you know and finalize the project start date. Once your project has been completed one of the Project Managers  will come do a final walkthrough of the project with you to ensure everything is as it should BEFORE we collect payment. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction!

Below you will find the different paver selections that are included in your estimate cost. If you are looking for something other than what we have below please click on the link to the Belgard Catalog. There is a large selection of pavers in the catalog. If you are interested in something you see in the catalog simply email us and we will be happy to show you the cost difference of any paver you'd like to see. Still don't see exactly what you are looking for? Just let us know and we will help you find the paver that is right for you, we work with many vendors and 

we are committed to finding the right fit for you!

Lafitt Rustic Slab 

& Lafitt Grana Slab

This collection has additional costs per square foot and is NOT intended for vehicular use. 

If you are interested in this series please let is know and we will be happy to show you the adjustment on your estimate.

Belgard Catalog

Click the button below to see the full catalog. If you are interested in a paver selection that is not featured above just let us know and we will prepare a cost comparison for your selections.

Belgard Catalog